The three-step process is outlined below. Before you receive your VAT numbers, your account manager will give you a call to talk you through the monthly compliance process and answer any questions you might have.


1.     Upload your data: You should upload the AVTR available in Amazon Seller Central at the beginning of each month. If you provide us with the Amazon MWS Access Key and Secret Key during sign up, we can even automatically extract the AVTR from Seller Central, saving you even more time. If you have transactions on other platforms, you should provide this data to us separately through a template available on our website.

2.     Approve your filings: Your tax returns will be prepared immediately upon uploading your data. You should review these and confirm that you are happy for Taxually to submit them by clicking “approve”.

3.     Pay your tax: Once approved, the payment instructions, payment references and deadlines for payment will be presented. We recommend making payments at least 1 week before the deadline indicated to ensure it reaches the recipient on time. You should also pay attention to indicate the payment reference exactly as provided.