The UK tax authorities will not provide VAT numbers without the documents below. They are strict in ensuring that only genuine traders who intend to sell in the next 30 days are registered for VAT.

What do I need to provide

How can I get it?

Shipping documents

You should provide one or all of the following documents:

  • A contract or email between your company and your shipping agent showing (DHL, UPS etc)
  • A Bill of Lading or Waybill
  • If goods have already been shipped, proof of shipping (e.g. email received upon ordering the shipping)

**An Amazon shipping label is not sufficient evidence. It must be from your shipping agent**

Proof of owning stock

You must demonstrate that you own stock ready to be sent to the UK for sale. This can be purchase invoices or a stock records.

Proof of Amazon UK FBA

Please send a copy of the welcome email that you received upon signing up to Amazon FBA - it will have been sent from and entitled: “Welcome to Fulfilment by Amazon”

Frequently asked questions

Can I send goods to the UK without a VAT number?

Yes, legally you can. There is no requirement to have VAT number to ship goods to the UK.

I’ve been told I need an EORI number for importing to the UK. How do I get one?

We request an EORI number as part of your VAT registration application. However, if you are sending goods before you have your VAT number, you can request one separately here and you should get it right away: (the process takes no more than 5 minutes and is very straightforward).